Robotek App Bewertungen

Great! But...

Needs some Inprovements. i wish that they were game MONEY called: Gearcash. you can use it to buy costumes. and i wish that they were more robot types, too. If you READ this rEVIEW, I will rate the app 6 stars.

Very Good!

It’s an interesting game, very addicting very quickly. I have this game on iOS, Mac, and Windows 8. It’s very well done, however, In-App purchases are not restorable, which is annoying (paying for upgrades, then restoring your device and losing them if they’re not backed up)

i dont know...

This is a pretty good game, based partly on strategy, and partly on luck, which i dont really like. in this case, thats a bad combination. if you go on a campaign, it takes forever to make any progress. i was forced to restart my campaign over three times in a row. i just play on multiplayer mode. the only way strategy helps you in this game is if you have a lot of it, and you know what to do in every circumstance, even then, one bad roll can completely ruin the entire game for you. it is fun when you have a good plan and get good rolls, otherwise, it can be pretty upsetting, even if you are typically a good sport. it can even be humiliating when you lose because you just cant get a good roll! What i dont know is what the costumes on multiplayer mode cost. it says “one extra coin, which makes it sound like its just with the game credits, but if so, why do you have to verify your purchase with your apple ID?

Deceptively addictive!

This game looks very simple when you start playing it for fun. But soon you realize you’ve lost hours to this deceptively addictive game. Pretty awesome little game!

dont waste your time

without spending tons in in app purchases this game sucks… dont waste your time.. all they want is your money.

The truth

Easy to play and lots of fun. It is as easy to play as a slot macine. More fun than a slot machine too. I really like this game! My friends 5 year old can play this game.


Didn't care for it. The game seems cool but the rules aren't really explained well enough.

Robotek rocks!

Robotek is a super fun and addictive game.

great but needs one thing

this app was very well made. im addicted to this game. But it would be nice if you can go back and fight previous nodes you defeated to help you rank up so you wont have much trouble with the harder nodes. So it should have a color scheme to show if you defeated a node more than once, a color for nodes you battled and won once, and a color for nodes that you have not yet defeated. But overall a great game.


Great game. Good for people who people who like taking over the world.

Easily Addicting

Great way to pass time when you dont have anything to do. But watch that time because you can definitely get hooked. Great multiplayer. Not overly complicated or too in depth. Great game over all. All it needs is a way to play friends instead of random opponents. Also, if you mess up and use all your charge, just reset your campaign in the options menu. No purchases needed.

No chance

The look of the game is great…the colors, design and so on. It is an addictive game until you realize there is no way to keep playing the game unless you buy (with real money) a Recharging node. I've started the campaign over, and over, and over, and over, just so I could keep playing. I've had this game for almost a year now. It's getting so old having to wipe the data in order to play the game. There needs to be away of letting the player keep playing. I understand making money, but with all the enemies being stronger, and coincidentally getting more 3 in a rows than the player, it seems the developers are not pro user. Plus it doesn't even say how much a recharging node is. It just has a "$". That could be $1 to $9. I'm going to delete this game because after a year of being patience with the developers…I see no meaningful changes coming, that favors the constituents instead of the developers.

It's as awesome as The Miz.

Just what the title says.

Awesome!!! but Broken Update

Enough Said. Please fix it!! Great Game though!

I want to love this game but...

The main issue with this game is how the opponent is heavily favored while playing. The house always wins making strategy and the decisions you make seem less and less important as the game goes on.

About Game

Game is really well maded but idea is'n so great and also TD is perfect.Thank you

Nothing New

Just another game of chance where your always going to lose because at the end of the day the developers want you to invest in their microtransactions to play the game


Most Idiotic game!


awsome game

Need local multiplayer and updating info boxes

Please create local multiplayer or a two player turn based mode so two people can play on the same machine. The info boxes when you click on units are not updated in real time if they are damaged, it makes no sense to have to click twice to view the updated stats! You also need a way to recharge if you lose too much without paying for the recharging node.

Awesome Game!

Very fun and addictive game!


Fun game. Cool graphics, love it =)

So Much Fun!!

This game is so much fun to play. You can play it for hours and not get board! It is a chance/stragtegy game so it actually takes some thinking when you play it, but it's not so hard that you just wanna give up and never play it again. has to be one of the funnest free games on here. If you're looking for a game to keep you occupied for a long time, this is the game for you!!

Fun, addictive game. Highly Recommended

Really fun game, potentially too fun. Adam

Excellent Game

This game is very good. It is addicting, interesting, and has pleasing graphics. It is a simple game but will not bore you. One flaw is that it is very difficult, however it can be beaten if the player is patient, or you can purchase a set to improve your level which is not expensive.

Fun little game

theres not much to this game, but its pretty fun.

Fun/addicting game, but ai gets way to lucky with hack

I love this game. It is fun and a great way to pass the time when bored. However the ai gets way too lucky with hacking and seems to be able to get triple hack almost whenever it wants (especially when the ai is clearly at a huge disadvantage). I'm fine with that for the most part but the ai is able to easily hack any of your bots at any lvl with only a lvl 1 hack and this happens way to often.

Overall really cool game

Awesome game. Pros: 1. Free 2. Cool graphics 3. Easy gameplay (Not too hard to figure out) 4. Pretty addictive Cons: None #ßøss

Great Game

I download this game when I 1st got my MacBook and have been addicted to it since. I didn't think I could find a game like this on the App Store. Def give it a try. Great mix!!


my son and i love this game!!


Awesome game! So addicting! Great job at making this game!

Good, but deceiving

I absolutely loved this game and would so give it five stars if it werent for the whole "charge" thing. I really don't like how you start playing the game and then you all of a sudden run out of charge and can't play anymore without paying real money for the "charge." If you're really willing to spend the money then its a great game! But that feature really bothered me. At least make the game $.99 and let you play unlimitedly but other than that it's a good game.


The game seems pretty cool upon first downloading it. The problem comes in when you realize that you can't really make any meaningful progress without purchasing the in-game content. All in all, it didn't take long to start feeling a lot like playing Contra on NES… minus the code.


this game gets boring. cant play more than 1/4 the game without having to buy in app purchases. battle after battle of the same thing without changes gets old fast. sorry but hex did a horrible game this time.


it is a good game but it is a little hard.

An absolute waste!!

poor gameplay…all you do is press the button a couple of times


i played this game for WAY too many hours – like 200plus – before the constant aggravation of the AI's mathematical manipulation caused me to trash it. sorta fun, slick, simple; really repetitive, pointless, simple-minded. lee adcock below summed it up best. hey, at least it's free. and i felt like the game finally had a point when i erased it forever :)

Catchy Colors, graphics

Overall, the game is nice and little challenging in the higher levels, My only complaint is that it requires to click the mouse pad on a macbook. A gentle tap is not sufficient not sure why? Thanks for keeping it free and ad free though.

Pure Genius

This is a very well thought out app. It has the purpose nailed down but you could always add more



stole my money!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous. You never successfully purchase the 2.99 package. When you do, it asks you to sign in again in the apple app store. BIG MISTAKE. The app store took away my $2.99 and I got NOTHING. Please FIX THIS

The robots are coming

This game is! so! awesome! Well done Mr. Hexage


Serious gamers need not apply. Unless you enjoy staring at slot machines.


This has to be my favorite game on my computer. I don't play it as often as I'd like because it eats up too much of my time. The overall game could use more variation and plot development, but I love the sense of humor of the game designers.


great game…but the AI is way too are forced to buy upgrades to complete it

Simle yet amazing

The game is trategy with great abient music and robots. You can select between 3 different "slot machines" each with 3 different possibilities. One slot machine is " unit building", the second is, "defense", the third is "offense". How many times you land on an attack on the slot determines how strong it will be. There are tricks to get them to land the way you want. Move around the world, defeat enemies, becomes stronger and conquer the world for the human race. GREAT GAME. I hate games and I played it for at least 1-2 hours a day.

Well it was fun for a few minutes

I can be pretty short about this, it gets old fast. Same graphic same combat and sometimes the ai you figjht against becomes really hard. There doesn't see to be much reward though in the game. I'm often left wondering what is the point of this again? If you like roll based combat(dice not role) then sure try it out. If you desire anything else just skip it.

Best free game yet

If you're looking for a great game as a fun time waster, then you hit the jackpot! Sure, story depth isn't there (actually this might be an understatement), however it's a free game, visually pleasing, and has a long play time. Basically, robots have taken over and you have to reconquer the world, state by state. It's a turn based game, and you might have a battle that lasts from 2 minutes to 10.

Hack breaks the game

Like I said Hack is really a game breaker. The enemy computer gets triple hacks way too often. I understand the game is designed so you can play without making in app purchases but the computer gets way too lucky.

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